Welcome to the IARDTM website. This site provides investment adviser firms and representatives with a variety of information about the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) system. IARD is an electronic filing system that facilitates investment adviser registration, exempt reporting adviser filing, regulatory review, and the public disclosure information of registered investment adviser firms and individuals. FINRA is the developer and operator of IARD. The system has been developed according to the requirements of its sponsors, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), along with those of an Industry Advisory Council representing the investment adviser firms.  

Information about investment advisers for the investing public can be found on the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) website.

IARD/PFRD System Availability

IARD and PFRD are generally available from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Please refer to the IARD/PFRD Availability Schedule for detailed weekend and holiday availability.

What's New on IARD

Please look to this area of the home page on a frequent basis for regular updates, new information, and documents about how to use IARD.

System Release Notes
View explanations of recent and upcoming system changes in the release notes linked below:

See the System Updates page for more information.

Form ADV Annual Updating Amendment Deadline
Investment advisers registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a fiscal year end of Dec. 31, 2020, are required to submit their annual updating amendment online via IARD by March 31, 2021. Please ensure that your firm has sufficient funds in its FINRA Flex-Funding Account to cover the system processing fee owed in order to submit your amendment filing within the 90 day filing requirement. Please review the payment options and instructions for funding your firm's Flex-Funding Account. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Form U4 Retires in Classic CRD and Available Exclusively in FINRA Gateway Starting April 5. Form U5 Comes to FINRA Gateway May 17.

  • The deadline to submit Form U4 in Web CRD is April 4, 2021. A read-only version will be made available through May 15 for any pending drafts that were not submitted on or before April 4. Firms are encouraged to submit Form U4 drafts in Web CRD, or recreate them in FINRA Gateway, before the April 5 retirement deadline. See the Registration Filing in FINRA Gateway page for more details. All other features in Classic CRD will remain available.
  • Form U5 comes to FINRA Gateway May 17. Firms are encouraged to begin using the FINRA Gateway U5 filing experience and to provide feedback. Form U5 filing functionality in Classic CRD will retire no earlier than August 21, 2021.

FINRA's 2021 Entitlement User Account Certification Process
FINRA's 2021 User Accounts Certification Process for Super Account Administrators (SAAs) is scheduled for April 19, 2021 – July 19, 2021. During this period, SAAs for firms with more than one user and/or administrator account must certify that authorized users are only entitled to those privileges necessary to perform their job responsibilities on the FINRA Entitlement platform or remove access if no longer required. Organizations with only an SAA account and no other users or administrators have the option to certify but are not required.

New York IAR Registration

  • Effective February 1, 2021, the State of New York (NY) will begin registering Investment Adviser Representatives (IARs) in CRD. On February 1, Forms U4 and U5 will be updated to allow firms to select, under Section 5 of Form U4, RA registration in NY. Web EFT will also be updated but there are no schema changes as the result of this update.
  • From February 1 until June 30, 2021, NY will offer both noticed and registered NY investment adviser firms an offline “mass registration” process in an effort to help facilitate bulk RA registration. By utilizing this off-system process, firms can ensure that NASAA’s Series 65 examination windows/enrollments will not systematically generate in CRD for those individuals who may otherwise be waived by NY from taking (or re-taking) the Series 65. See the full announcement for detailed information.

  • Beginning February 27, 2021, CRD will be temporarily updated so that windows for NASAA’s Series 65 examination will not systematically open when NY RA is the only registration requested on the filing (selection of other RA registrations will trigger any necessary exam requirements). If an individual requesting NY RA needs to take the Series 65, the firm will need to explicitly select the exam in Section 7 of Form U4 in order for the enrollment/window to be generated and the applicable fee to be charged. The automatic generation of Series 65 enrollments/windows when NY RA is requested will be re-enabled at a future time.

Enhanced Entitlement Security Feature — Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Rollout
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) continues to be rolled out to firms' Super Account Administrators and Account Administrators. In 2020, FINRA began deploying this new security feature as an additional layer of security to verify user identity. MFA is an authentication method in which a user is granted access to FINRA-operated systems (e.g., IARD, CRD) only after successfully providing two pieces of identifying information:

  • existing FINRA system (IARD/CRD) credentials (user name and password); and
  • new MFA security feature (three options to provide second authentication factor):
  1. mobile application,
  2. text message, or
  3. phone call.

For more information, visit the Multi-Factor Authentication page.

Payroll Protection Program and Form U4
On April 13, 2020, FINRA issued guidance (found in the Individual Registration Q&A section) stating that a registered person who obtains a loan under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) will not have to disclose a “compromise with a creditor” in response to Question 14K on Form U4 if the loan is wholly or partially forgiven under the terms of the PPP. The NASAA CRD/IARD Steering Committee consulted with FINRA regarding this guidance. We concur with it and further advise that the same guidance would apply to Question 14K on Form U4 for an investment adviser representative who obtains a PPP loan.

COVID-19 Update for Investment Adviser Representative (RA) Qualification Exam Candidates
COVID-19 guidance on FINRA-administered exams (Series 7, 65 and 66 for RAs*) has been posted. Information regarding test center availability, exam cancellations and enrollment window extensions will be updated as it becomes available. Please check frequently and encourage exam candidates to consult the page before enrolling, scheduling or sitting for their exams.

*Please note that FINRA administers state law exams on behalf of NASAA.

Browser Support Update
Beginning April 4, 2020, FINRA will cease to support Internet Explorer 11 for IARD, PFRD and CRD. On or after that date, users will not be able to log in to those applications with an unsupported browser. You can check your current web browser at https://whatsmybrowser.org. You or your firm should upgrade your web browser if it does not meet or exceed the following minimum browser requirements: 

  • Chrome versions 68 or later
  • Firefox versions 66 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 16 or later
  • Safari versions 12 or later


  • Protect Personal Information! Remember to only provide personal information about individuals in response to specific questions that solicit that information. When responding to more general questions that accept narrative responses, use terms that do not disclose personal information (including account numbers). Please review the guidance provided on the Protecting Personal Information in Form ADV Filings page for more information.
  • Investment Adviser Representative Fingerprint Submissions
    FINRA does not process fingerprint transactions for investment adviser (IA) firms. An IA-only firm must submit fingerprints directly to those states that require a fingerprint check for an RA registration. Contact the applicable state to verify state fingerprint requirements. Fingerprint submissions received by FINRA from an IA-only firm will not be returned to the firm.
  • FINRA.org: Add to Safe-Sender Email List
    FINRA is the operator of IARD on behalf of the IARD program sponsors which are the SEC and NASAA. In order to ensure consistent delivery of FINRA emails to your inboxes, please add our email domain, FINRA.org to your firm's safe-sender list as soon as possible. Please review this Subscriptions Help page for instructions on how to add email addresses/domains to your firm’s specific email application. If your email application requires you to enter individual email addresses to your safe-sender list in addition to, or in lieu of, an email domain, please add the following addresses:

    Also, if you are an SEC-registered IA firm, please add: [email protected]

  • Form ADV-E Guidance for Independent Public Accountants
    A quick reference guide to the Form ADV-E Surprise Examination Filing website is now available for independent public accountants conducting a surprise inspection of an investment adviser firm.
  • SEC Division of Investment Management: Electronic Filing for Investment Advisers on IARD
    Visit the SEC website for information on IARD.