The information on this page is relevant to the 2024 Renewal Program, which ended Jan. 26, 2024. Check back in early fall 2024 for dates and other details pertaining to the 2025 Renewal Program.

FINRA assists with the collection and disbursement of system processing and jurisdiction-related renewal fees during the Annual Renewal Program. See below for general information and resource pages for complete information.

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Annual Renewal Program Highlights

Don’t Fail to Renew

Renewal fees are collected in two phases:

Preliminary Statement Final Statement
Preliminary Statements are available Nov. 6, 2023.

This statement reflects all approved registrations/notice filings for which a firm has not submitted post-dated termination filings.

Payment is due on or before Dec. 11, 2023.

The last day to submit form filings or renewal payment prior to year-end is Dec. 26, 2023, from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. Failure to submit the necessary renewal payment by this day may result in your firm failing to renew for 2024 and result in you not being able to conduct business on Jan. 1, 2024.

Final Statements are available Jan. 2, 2024.

This statement reconciles what was charged on the Preliminary Statement with what is actually owed Jan. 1. The Final Statement confirms whether firms:

  • must pay an additional amount or
  • have paid in full

Payment is due on or before Jan. 26, 2024, if additional funds are owed.

Overpayment for registrations will be transferred to the firm’s Flex-Funding Account on Jan. 2, 2024. Refund processing is suspended during the annual renewal program, but FINRA will resume issuing refund checks on Jan. 31, 2024.

Firms must pay the entire amount indicated on both statements, even if the firm intends to terminate certain registrations by year-end. Insufficient funds may result in registrations terminating due to a “failure to renew” with the appropriate jurisdiction regulators. Firms can avoid paying for unnecessary registrations or notice filings by submitting the appropriate post-dated termination filing.

Entitled users can log in to E-Bill to retrieve and pay their Renewal Statements. See the E-Bill User Guide for instructions.

A credit will be posted in the Flex-Funding Account if the firm’s Final Statement is less than the amount assessed on the Preliminary Statement. Firms can request a refund check in E-Bill.

How Can I Pay?

E-Bill is the only payment method that can deposit funds directly into a firm’s Renewal Account. Review the Pay Renewal Fees Section of the E-Bill User Guide for complete instructions. Transactions requested before 9 p.m. ET typically post the next business day.

You can also pay renewal fees by wire/ACH or check. See the IARD Accounting page for complete instructions. If sufficient funds are available in your Flex-Funding Account on the deadline to pay the outstanding renewal amount owed, E-Bill will automatically transfer the requisite funds to the Renewal Account.

What Am I Paying?

The following fees are assessed during the annual Renewal Program:

  • System processing fees,
  • Firm registration, exempt reporting status, or notice filing renewals with jurisdictions
  • Branch registration or notice filing renewals with jurisdictions, and
  • Investment Adviser Representative (IAR) registration renewals with jurisdictions.

Current fee information is available in the Fees & Accounting section.

Note: SEC-related fees are not collected during the annual Renewal Program. See the IARD Firm System Processing Fees for more information.

Other Tips

Post-Dated Termination Filings: Avoid paying for jurisdictions that you don’t intend to renew by filing the relevant post-dated termination filing. Post-dated filings are only permitted during this time of the year. See the 2024 Renewal Program Calendar for current dates.

  • All post-dated termination filings must use a termination date of Dec. 31, 2023.
  • Once submitted, a post-dated filing cannot be “reversed.” If a firm would like to re-request a jurisdiction, they must submit the appropriate filing on or after Jan. 2, 2024.

The last day to submit form filings or renewal payment in 2023 is Dec. 26 from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET. Failure to submit the necessary renewal payment by this day may result in your firm failing to renew for 2024 and result in you not being able to conduct business on Jan. 1, 2024. See the IARD/PFRD Availability Calendar for complete information.

Renewal Notifications: Did you know that you can create Renewal email alerts in E-Bill? Sign up for notifications about statements, deadlines, or confirmation that your firm paid in full. Complete instructions are available in the Renewal Alert section of the E-Bill User Guide.

E-Bill Company ID: Your bank may require FINRA’s Company ID to process transactions via E-Bill. In these instances, please use the following Company IDs: 1222528267, 1222528268 or 1222528269.